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2205 Vintage Blue MCM Amberina Wine Glass (set of 4)

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Wine Glasses



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Immerse in the charm of the mid-century modern era with our captivating Vintage Amberina Glasses. These retro glasses are a part of the Amberina glassware family - iconic for their striking red-to-amber gradient, adding a warm pop of color to any setting. Characterized by their graceful, sleek contours, these glasses reflect the classic design aesthetics of the mid-century modern period. The set holds an exquisite visual appeal that's bound to leave your guests mesmerized. Despite their vintage status, these glasses demonstrate excellent used condition, with negligible signs of wear and tear, preserving their inherent luster and vibrancy. The elegant transparency of these glasses allows the Amberina hues to play beautifully with light, creating a visual delight. Breathe life into your vintage collection or spruce up your dining etiquette with these exclusive Amberina glasses