Become a Vendor with LeMarche Emporium

Welcome to being an independent business owner with a built-in team of  artisans, curators, designers, and friends to help guide you through to success!  

We at Le Marche believe in collaboration at its purest and finest level.  When you become a part of our team you become a part of a “family” of like-minded small business owners that work together for the success of all.  We offer not only space for your creativity, advice and mentoring, current technology to support you and your endeavor, but an endless amount of vendors that are working towards common goals.

When you join Le Marche Emporium you are not just renting space, you're joining the largest indoor popup shop in the Bay Area that believes in investing in your success! We have created a unique way for our vendors  to sell and be successful by:

  • Enjoy themed communal spaces which allow you to sell more outside of your space. Spaces include French, Linens, Library, Kitchen, Toys, Art Gallery, and Themed Windows
  • Award winning software that allows you to price, track and sell online.
  • Communal Website Selling
  • Mobile POS system to sell at shows
  • Offsite Show Selling opportunities
  • Training and staging help
  • Large Instagram, Facebook and Website Following
We look forward to hearing from you soon!