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We have a new color and it’s called Pressed Fern! The name couldn’t be any more appropriate for this luscious shade! It comes from the always charming palette of Michael Penney, with whom we have 15 colors already.



Darker, moodier greens have been making a lauded return to the world of interiors and decor for a few seasons now. However, the world of paint has lacked the right shade of green! Pressed Fern fills that gap with its earthy and nature inspired hues.


Inspiration for Pressed Fern

When asked about inspiration for the new color, Michael Penney had this to say “the inspiration for this color comes from my favourite botanical prints of pressed ferns.  I love the romance of botanists years ago seeking to forage and catalogue all the plants they found in nature to study them and prese



“The elegant simplicity of a pressed fern makes beautiful art and is a wonderful inspiration for a new luscious color for Fusion.  This deep, rich green is full of life and vitality just like the namesake ferns.It’s the perfect base note to ground a color scheme, even if it’s full of light pastels.” – Michael  Penney Historical trends towards greenAlthough Homestead House Paint Co had many deep rich greens back in the day: Kentucky Green, Waterloo Green, Pioneer Green, they’re making a comeback!  This luxurious green will be a Fusion™ favourite that we expect to see more featured DIY projects and home décor pieces throughout the year.  For a dramatic design statement, Pressed Fern accents are a great way to add more drama to an otherwise neutral space as you can see i