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Hey everybody! Are you ready for a #30daylemarche home love challenge? We’ve teamed up with our curators to put together something special that You can get involved in starting July 1- 30. It’s a 30 day challenge where you take photos each day according to the theme of the day. Post it on Instagram grid, tag us @lemarcheemporium and use the hashtag #30daylemarche. We’ll try and leave a comment & answer questions. 30days to much to commit to, not a problem pick your favorite days. At the end we will randomly pick 3 lucky winners who will receive a can of your favorite Fusion Paint,  Staalmeester Brush Brush and a Le Marche tote bag. 

**All photos must be yours and taken by you please

See Bellow for the full list of challenges;) 

Decorated Wedding Table
  1. Favorite Room/Spot

  2.  Junk Drawer Remodel

  3. Empty Wall Redo

  4. Best Selfie Spot

  5. Potted Friends

  6. Well-Organized

  7. Closet Cleanout

  8. Best Thrift store Find

  9. Handmade

  10. On the Wall

  11. Something with Deep Meaning (for Décor)

  12. Unique Collection

  13. Curated Display

  14. Accessory Display/Jewelry/Clothes/ect

  15. On the Porch

  16. Inside out- how you’ve created outdoor space that feels indoor

  17. Stunners- Best DIY project in your home

  18. Show Stoppers- Easiest DIY Project in your home

  19. 19. Flea market flip something you reimaged -gave it new life-used for different purpose.

  20. On My Table

  21. Color lover- how you added color for interest

  22. Flower Power- How do you use florals in your home? Could be flowers, could be a pattern, ect

  23. Coffee Time (coffee bar) 

  24. Reflection- How you use mirrors

  25. Natural Touch- could be baskets, wooden furniture/decor ec

  26. Your favorite art could be in your home or a piece you admire

  27. Create a vignette

  28. Unique usage

  29. Fun Lighting

  30. Outdoor in- How you bring the outdoors into your home.

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