Vendor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How long will it take to be vetted?

A. After completing and submitting the Vendor Request Form, the process takes from 2-7 days to process and vet.

Q. What is you already signed a vendor with like merchandise?

A. We believe in healthy competition and know what one person likes in soaps, jewelry, etc is different than the next. We believe we can make happier customers with choices.

Q. How will I be notified if I have been selected?

A. You will be notified by email or phone from Le Marche upon approval.

Q. How often are pop-ups?

A. Currently, we hold pop-ups once a month. They begin on the 3rd Thursday every month and go through Sunday from 11am-5pm. In December, we have two scheduled to maximize the shopping season on both the 1st and 3rd Thursday-Sunday of the month.

Q. How many current vendors are located within the store?

A. We are currently a home to over 20 permanent vendors.

Q. Can I participate in just one pop-up?

A. Yes. You can participate in 1 or more pop-ups. The more you commit to, the better the ROI (return on investment) to you as a vendor.

Q. How much time will I have to set up?

A. Depending on when you submit, receive your approval and the next show will determine you set up time available. We normally provide you with a morning and evening time slots (normally, Monday and Tuesdays) to get set up. All booths must be finished and in a completed state by Tuesday evening prior to the Thursday market date. We will also make available one weekend date prior to the show for those that cannot make it in during the week.

Q. What are the size of booths?

A. Most are 6 x 5, but we have multiple sizes which we will discuss your needs at the time of the approval to ensure you get the size and space that works best for you and with our floor plan.

Q. What am I required to do during each pop-up?

A. We require one "sales"day (6 hours) for each 2 pop ups, however, you can choose to set up and go or you may decide to be on the floor to assist customers  We know some are compromised, some feel nervous and uncertain about being in public at these times, but we want to assure you, that if that is your situation, we will ensure you have a place to show and sell your merchandise. We find the more you are with your booth and talk with potential customers, you tend to sell more..so, you are welcome to be at the market whenever it is open. We do offer alternatives if you prefer not to work the pop ups, please discuss with your Le Marche Administrator for more details.

Q. Do you accept all vendors?

A. No. Junk2Gems and Shabby Creek have built very loyal and dedicated shoppers with discerning taste for unique, interesting and creative merchandise. We do not accept any commercial vendors selling Mary Kay, any services of any kind or other “brand” lines. We are on the hunt for those that will pair well with our business, other vendors and compliment our vision in a wonderful French Market. We are committed to creating and keeping our huge shop an “experience” to the customers that walk through our doors. We believe customers by from a person/you/us…not a business, per se and we have proven it is a winning formula.

Q. Are facemasks required by customers and vendors?

A. During business hours, yes….during set up, we recommend if you are near others, that you wear a mask for their and your protection. We are practicing safe-shopping, offer a sanitization station both upon entry and exit, upstairs and downstairs.

Q. What are the booth prices?

A.  Booths start at $115 for 4 days each moth. We also have display cases, rounder tables for smaller merchandise. In December, we have two pop-ups, however, if you are with us for a 3 month stay, which includes December, there is no additional cost to you. You get 2 pop-ups for the price of one. For example, if you sign up and are approved for October-December, you will pay for 3 months but it includes 4 pop-ups.

Q. Are there any other fees?

A. Yes. All sales are processed through our POS system and our credit card systems. Part of why we have a large following is high level of customer service. We wrap each purchase in dunnage, use kraft brown bags with labeling, pretty tissue paper and ribbon so the customer's experience is top notch. We also collect the sales tax and pay these directly to the State of California, Board of Equalization. When payments are made to the vendor, we provide a details list of items sold, total dollars and net amount. Standard rate is 15%. We ask that vendors price their merchandise accordingly.

Q. Do we provide 1099s?

A. No. We report our sales, pay applicable sales tax and it is up to each vendor to account for their own revenue for purposes of their business.

Q. When are vendors paid?

A. Given we are on a automated POS system, reports are simple, you will get a detailed, easy to read report. It will itemize each sale, with a date, description and price of item sold. It will include all the accounting breakdown for you to understand your payment. You have the option of receiving a check, venmo, zelle or paypal within 1 week from the last day of each pop up. The only exception will be December. In December, we will pay by Dec 10th for the first market and the final market will be paid by Dec 23rd.

Q. What is the difference between upstairs and downstairs?

A. Obviously set up, but there is a pricing difference as the downstairs is easier set up as there are not stairs involved and the spaces tend to be a bit larger and cost more. Once approved, you may discuss with the Le Marche administrators space placement and requests so they may discuss your options, pricing, duration and any other contract items.

Q. Can I start sooner than September?

A. Yes. Until Aug 30, 2020, we are open Fri-Sun 11-5pm every week.  Please note in comments if you desire to discuss options for early placement.

Q. Can I stay longer than the holidays?

A. Yes. Le Marche is a monthly pop-up and if you find the environment as exciting as we do, we hope many of you will consider us as your new home to grow your own creative businesses. We love innovation, artistic creatives…you can discuss extended stays with the Le Marche Administrators once approved. Our shop operates all year and we welcome extended stay and permanent vendors.

Q. Does the company have liability coverage, loss prevention, etc?

A.  We do not cover stolen, broken or lost property. We do our upmost best to protect your valuables and have long term and trusted vendors. We do not pass out keys and only allow entrance during non-market times with one of our trusted administrators in attendance.  Our company believes in protecting ourselves and our vendors with coverage for liability in case of an unfortunate accident. We also secure our store with flood lights, camera near the door and glass break security tied into a monitoring station with a direct line to Martinez PD.

Q. How do I start the process and get approved?

A. Complete the vendor form and we will vet the applicant and notify you as quickly as we can.

Q. Is rent taken from my proceeds?

A. No. Rent for each month, needs to be paid by the 5th of the month, prior to the pop-up. If you are approved after the 5th, and you are joining us for that same month’s market, you will need to pay your rent prior to getting access to set up.

Q. Are there any other requirements to the vendor?

A. We ask you to share our social media posts on any of your websites and/or social media to help us get the word out so yours and our customers know where the shopping experience is during these confusing times.

Q. Do I need to supply my own table?

A. We have a limited number of tables, so if those are committed, you will need to supply your own anchor piece(s).

Q. If I get a booth upstairs, is there an elevator? Or how can I get help to get my items upstairs.

A. Unfortunately, this building was built in the 1930s and there is no elevator. However, should you need assistance, you can work with your Le Marche Administrator and we will make arrangements with our resources to assist you by moving your items up and down the stairs at a reasonable service fee. If you carry heavy or larger items, we do have resources during market to bring down any piece that may be purchased

NOTE: We have done our best to list and answer questions we think you will have. However, if anything is missing, please feel free to email us your questions at LeMarcheMartinez@gmail.com and we are happy to respond to your inquiry.  We are excited to offer you a place to sell your wares and look forward to working with you fabulous creatives!

Email us for more information: lemarchemartinez@gmail.com

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